Guest Houses

Holiday homes on Vejrø offer retreat space for the whole family. Each unique house has its own soul and is designed with quality in mind.  Each is located in the heart of our beautiful island surroundings.


There are 4 guest houses on Vejrø ranging in capacity from 4-8 people. All are the original, historical dwellings still known by their original names - 'Dan’s house', 'Skriver’s House', 'The old school' and 'The old Grocery store'. Today, they are completely renovated and modernized, and offer comfortable and private accommodation for families and groups.

On Vejrø you’ll have all the time in the world... Time to fully immerse yourself in the island experience, time to discover the adventures of nature, time to relax and rejuvenate. Here, there are no schedules and nothing to worry about.

You can explore the island’s exquisite, sustainable cuisine at restaurant Skipperly, or enjoy a barbecue on the terrace with a view of the sea and the sunset as your backdrop.  

The great outdoors is your playground – with beach, forest and fields. 

Rentals are available on a daily and weekly basis.


From 4-8 persons

Comfortable and spacious accommodation for the whole family.

The guest houses each have their own unique soul and is designed with quality in mind.  They are all located in the heart of our beautiful island surroundings.

  • 2 separate bedrooms

  • Big living room and dining area

  • Bathroom

  • Fully equipted kitchen

  • Terrace with outdoor furniture and grill

  • Wi-Fi

  • Hair dryer

Price per night                      

Max 4 pers/max 8 pers

First night                                

Dkk 3.000,-/dkk 4.500,-               

Second night                                   

Dkk 2.500,-/dkk 3.500,-

Third night                                   

Dkk 2.000,-/dkk 2.500,-

Fourth to sixth per night      

Dkk 1.000,-/dkk 1.500,-

By agreement, it is allowed to bring dogs to our guesthouses. The dog must not be left unattended unless it is in a cage. We make a cage available.

A cleaning fee of 500, - DKK is charged.

Dog must be kept on leash. Remember to pick op after your dog.