On Vejrø you can savour nature at its source – with the great outdoors as your pantry. At our restaurant, Skipperly, we serve honest country cuisine – from field to fork.


Meals are cooked with care and consideration, with a menu primarily based on the organic products of the island and local produce.

We produce our own organic fruit and vegatables and wish to share our culinary passion with the island’s guests. Vejrø features gastronomic activities all year round – both at restaurant Skipperly and outdoors in the embrace of nature.


Our ‘From Field to Fork’ concept is based on the island’s local organic produce. We strive to be self-sufficient of a lot of produce . During the season we also supply produce to our sister hotel, the Stella Maris Hotel de Luxe. 

On Vejrø we farm according to organic principles. We give our animals both the time and space to live and grow naturally before being brought to the table. So it is no surprise that the quality of our animals is high. 

The animals reared on the island include chickens, geese, Duroc pigs and Såne lambs. There is also a variety of game on the island, including deers, pheasants and hares. Game often features on the menu. 


On Vejrø we also grow an enormous range of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are served in Restaurant Skipperly and are also sold in the farm shop. 

Any herbs and plants in need of extra warmth and care, such as tomatoes, melons and the like, are grown in the most beautiful greenhouse in Denmark: classic Victorian in style with a germination and growth area. 

There is also a beautifully exotic orangery with a seating area: perfect for snuggling up with a good book or just grabbing a little peace and quiet. Here you can discover a variety of exotic plants and flowers. 


On Vejrø we also grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs in our own vegetable garden. 

There is a beautiful orchards, not to mention an abundance of blackberries, rosehips and other berries on the edges of the island’s myriad fields.