An International island paradise, welcoming guest from around the globe.

Vejrø, a small, luxurious island escape, is located in a verdant Danish archipelago that includes the islets of Fejø, Femø and Lilleø.  Whether you arrive by our charter boat service, or by private sailboat, helicopter or aircraft you will always be greeted warmly. Vejrø offers the chance to reconnect with and explore the richness of nature and to truly relax. No matter where you stay on Vejrø, you will enjoy quality ambiences deeply rooted in a sense of soul.

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In 2005, founder and co-owner of Saxo Bank Kim Fornais bought Vejrø. With an expansive vision and guiding belief in creating a sustainable, ecologically and self-sufficient community, he initiated a long-term reconstruction of the island. 


Our vision of sustainability permeates all levels of our community, ranging from the implementation of sustainable energy, animal husbandry, and growing practices to a sustainable economy.


Based in organic production principles, we give our animals time and space to live and grow naturally. Also, we fully embrace our concept of 'From field to mouth'.


Living in harmony with nature, our driving ambition is to be self-sufficient, by using the resources that are present on the island.


"With our legs firmly planted in Vejrø's rich, generous soil, we pull together and reach for the sky."

- the team on Vejrø Resort


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The history of Vejrø goes all the way back to the stone age.  There have been both kings and pirates on our island. 

In the 13th century, history records the first known owner of Vejrø as King Valdemar the Second. Around the 14th century the island was populated by pirates.  Farming and community life on the island began in the year 1568.

During the 1920s, the island reached its peak-population, approximately 80 people, most of which were farmers. At this time, Vejrø was divided into several small farms, and also boasted a farm shop and a school.

1960's and 70's saw Vejrø slowly depopulated and finally left almost completely desolated.  It remained vacated and wild until 2005 when it came into private ownership.


- The island is privately owned and operated by Vejrø ApS lead by our visionary CEO, Lea Lohse. 

- Vejrø Resort has a sister hotel located in Svendborg named Stella Maris Hotel de Luxe.

- Vejrø is 2.5 km long and 700m at its widest point, covering and area of 1.57 km2 - (155 hectares.)  It is located 9 km north off the coast of Lolland.

- Of Vejrø’s 155 hectares100 hectares are used for organic farming.  What we produce we turn into culinary delights in our restaurant and sell directly to you in our quaint farm shop.

- Vejrø’s marina has 85 berths and state-of-the-art facilities for our guests.

- Our private airport runway is 650 m long & our Helipad is centrally located.

- We currently provide all of our own water, heat, and electricity, and take care of our own renovation, all in accordance with our self-sustainable mission.


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